• The Buckhead CID was founded in 1999
  • Approximately 95% of funds spent go directly to BCID projects, plans and programs
  • Around $110M has been raised from other sources, helping the CID’s tax dollars go further
  • More than 5 miles of roadway, plus 1 acre of park land are professionally landscaped every week, that’s equivalent to the distance from Atlanta to Charleston
  • Since 1999 the BCID has completed more than 20 projects and in 2017 is working on over 20 projects.
  • The BCID works in partnership with the Atlanta Police Department (APD) and the Atlanta Police Foundation (APF), installing a wireless network-based public safety surveillance system as part of Operation Shield that enables the Atlanta Police Department and the Atlanta Police Video Integration Center to have better eyes and ears on the district. To date, the BCID has 10 cameras and will add 31 in June 2017. By July 2017, the BCID will have a mix of over 60 cameras and license plate readers within the district
  • The park over GA400 concept gained over 6 million media impressions in 2016