If you are interested in speaking to any experts from the BCID, please see the areas and topics that each BCID expert covers.

Jim Durrett

Email: jdurrett@buckheadcid.com

Phone: 404.842.2683

BCID executive director, Jim Durrett has in-depth expertise in real estate development, redevelopment, project land use and creating livable communities. He is a frequent speaker at local and national conferences and workshops.

Topics he can discuss:

  • BCID’s facts and history
  • Placemaking
  • Urban Planning
  • Affordable Housing
  • Improving Public Transit


Matt Gore

Email: MGore@buckheadcid.com

Phone: 404.842.2686

BCID projects and programs manager Matt Gore oversees the planning and implementation of capital projects, including roadway, streetscape, pedestrian and park improvements. Gore can discuss BCID’s new and upcoming projects and how they will increase walkability and ease commutes.

Topics he can discuss:

  • BCID Projects
  • Project Studies
  • BCID Programs