Success Story: Supplemental Bike Patrol

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The supplemental bike patrol funded by the Buckhead CID is providing an important, added layer of public safety within the commercial district. Read more about one recent success story.

On Sept. 24, an off-duty APD officer working for the Buckhead CID’s bike patrol heard a door security alarm while riding through the parking lot of Macy’s at Lenox Square. He observed a male leave the store with several items in his arms while wearing a backpack on his stomach, so the officer followed the male as he fled on foot to a parking deck at the Marriott Hotel across the street.

There, the officer encountered the male, who dropped the bags and ran from the scene. The officer then collected the bags and returned the items to Macy’s Loss Prevention which valued the recovered property at $3,040.50.

After leaving Macy’s, the officer returned to Marriott Hotel to follow-up on his investigation. While inside the location, security advised that an employee had a visual on the male. The officer was able to locate the male, eventually following him to a nearby parking deck taking him into custody. The male was later identified as having been previously arrested for armed robbery, burglary, entering auto and shoplifting and has four felony convictions. On this instance, he was charged with felony shoplifting; criminal damage to property; and obstruction.

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