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Phase II of the transformation of Peachtree will take on a higher profile in the coming days. The Georgia DOT contractor with whom the Buckhead Community Improvement District is working will start removing trees on the northbound side of Peachtree in front of Lenox Mall. Those trees will be replaced by 96 oak shade trees that will grow up to 35 feet tall, providing a canopy for the wider, buffered sidewalk. You can look at Phase I of the transformation (near Piedmont) to see how quickly the new trees will grow to provide a lush, shaded vista along Peachtree in Buckhead. Removal of the trees is necessary to accommodate the wider right-of-way and the new storm water drainage system. The new trees will beautify the road even further because they will be right next to the road as opposed to set back behind the sidewalk as they are now.

The trees being removed will be replaced by oak shade trees similar to this one.

There is a growing movement in the country to create more livable communities.  Part of this movement is making sure that our streets work for everybody and are “complete streets.”  The transformation of Peachtree is an example of how we are embracing this movement right here in Buckhead.

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