Peachtree Road Complete Street


  • Transformative project to create a more pedestrian-centric environment along one of Atlanta’s most prominent thoroughfares
  • Upgrades include sidewalk and crosswalk improvements and street appearance enhancements through landscaping, lighting, buried utilities, granite curbs and medians
  • Project made Buckhead easier and more pleasant to navigate on foot and on two wheels, while managing traffic flow more effectively
  • This project prompted the creation of the Buckhead CID

In 1999, the Buckhead CID was created to transform Peachtree Road, Buckhead’s signature thoroughfare, into an attractive, complete street.

The Peachtree Road Complete Street project has since stretched throughout the district’s commercial core to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment with upgrades to sidewalks, crossings, bike lanes, intersections and turn lanes at signaled intersections. Additionally, the project enhances the road’s appearance and streetscape by adding granite curbing and medians, hardwood trees, seasonal color landscaping, wide sidewalks, new driveways, modern pedestrian lights, buried utility lines and street furniture.

The third and final phase of this signature project was completed in 2023.

  • Partners: Georgia Dept. of Transportation, City of Atlanta
  • Status: Phase I – Complete; Phase II – Complete; Phase III – Complete
  • Timeline: Phase I completed in 2007, Phase II completed in 2010, Phase III completed in 2023