In January 2014, the Buckhead CID partnered with local nonprofit Georgia Works! to keep Buckhead clean. Georgia Works!, a newly created 501(c)(3), is a proven homelessness intervention and employment program with the goal of offering homeless men an opportunity to work, earn a paycheck and change their habits and mindset from dependency to self-sufficiency.

The men who are accepted into this program must make several commitments to the organization:

  • Remain drug free – program members are drug tested twice a week
  • Work 30-35 hours a week
  • End reliance on public assistance
  • Save 20% of income
  • Pay room and board

In order for this program to be successful, Georgia Works! needs local partners who will provide work opportunities to the program participants. Buckhead CID saw the great potential of this outstanding program and the important mission behind it to allow homeless men to become self-sufficient, and identified an opportunity that would help to keep Buckhead clean and meet the needs of Georgia Works!

Participants from the program work with the Buckhead CID on maintenance initiatives, and are extremely productive. They proactively seek out areas and types of issues that need attention and continue to make an impact on keeping Buckhead clean through trash pick-up, graffiti removal and painting.

For more information regarding Georgia Works!, or to get involved, visit


Georgia Works