While Buckhead proudly boasts many world-class buildings, retailers and residences, it is woefully lacking in greenspace. This issue was noted in the City of Atlanta’s Project Greenspace, the City’s 2009 master plan. This study identified Buckhead’s City Council District 7 as having less greenspace than any other district in the city.

The Buckhead CID funded the development of a Greenspace Action Plan in 2010 and 2011 to provide:

• An understanding of realistic funding, operations, management and maintenance opportunities;

• A clear definition of the needs and desires of Buckhead residents, workers, business owners and key stakeholders;

• A detailed, realistic greenspace vision, dubbed “The Buckhead Collection,” based on community needs, existing conditions, appropriate standards and sound greenspace system planning principles from the best greenspace systems around the world; and

• An action-oriented implementation strategy that identifies estimated costs, priorities, potential partnerships, alternative funding sources, phasing strategies and the specific actions – and responsibilities – to implement the vision.

What emerged was a truly collaborative public, private and nonprofit agency strategy for the implementation of the greenspace plan.  Livable Buckhead is charged with the implementation of the plan.  The Buckhead CID will provide further funding as appropriate.