Parks Are For People– Your Feedback on the Park Over GA400 Matters!

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We were pleased with the turnout at the public meeting to announce the Park Over GA400 on September 7 at the Buckhead Theatre and the positive vote our board provided on October 5. As a result, we continue to refine the concept developed for the park, with a deeper dive into construction costs, programming in the park, how to fund it, and most importantly getting YOUR feedback.

Your thoughts on the Park Over GA400 are critical to our plan because this park will benefit you. It’s important we understand your hopes, needs and ideas for the experience. So stop what you’re doing and take this short survey on the park, then share on your social feeds to help us get more opinions. You aren’t just checking a box, you have a voice for a new and innovative addition to the city of Atlanta.

On October 17, we held a meeting about a new program, Buckhead REdeFINED, which was created to get everyone in Buckhead involved in its new plans for the future. While we had a great turnout, I personally would like to see a more diverse group be engaged in the development of projects, like the Park Over GA400. Parks are for people of all ages and by hearing from all generations, we can ensure this iconic addition to our area will accommodate everyone.

If you would like to learn more about the park or other projects in the Buckhead area, attend the second Buckhead REdeFINED meeting on Jan. 19, 2017 from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Atlanta International School. This meeting will help you better understand projects in Buckhead, including the park, and give you an opportunity to speak-up and get involved with these projects. For more information on Buckhead REdeFINED, visit

Don’t forget to take the Park Over GA400 SURVEY! Click to take the Park Over GA400 Survey

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