Creating an urban environment in Buckhead

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Being there.  That’s what we want.  I don’t mean the Jerzy Kosinski book or the Peter Sellers movie.  I mean what we really want when we say our goal for transportation investments is mobility.  Mobility is but one means to our ultimate end: being where we want or need to be.

So what is Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID) doing to make it easy for you to “be there” in Buckhead?  We are redesigning and rebuilding Peachtree.  We are redesigning Piedmont and finding the funding to rebuild it.  We are creating bike lanes.  We are rezoning for appropriately-scaled mixed-use development.  We are studying how to make Buckhead work for people who want to walk and then we are building safe and inviting sidewalks.

One sidewalk that was recently constructed is only going to be in place for a while, until the Streets of Buckhead is built by OliverMcMillan. Then it will be replaced by a much better sidewalk and streetscape, with much more to follow. Soon it will be possible  to walk down Peachtree between Pharr Road and E. Paces Ferry again when that sidewalk is returned to public use.

the Streets of Buckhead temporary sidewalks

Before and after images of the Streets of Buckhead temporary sidewalks.

Bit by bit, a walkable urban environment is being created in Buckhead. And being there, without being tethered to your car, will be not only possible, but desirable.

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