What is Your Commute Really Costing You?

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If you’ve lived in Atlanta for any length of time, you undoubtedly have heard the complaints about our traffic.

 “No one knows how to drive in the rain!”

 “Who designed these interstates to all meet up right in the center of the city?”

“I had to go get on XYZ interstate…and then I sat there for hours!”

It’s a fact: traffic is getting worse. According to the Urban Mobility Report, an annual look at traffic congestion compiled by the Texas Transportation Institute, the average commuter in the United States wastes approximately $750 a year simply sitting in congested traffic. Nationwide, the cost of traffic is more than $101 billion, up from $79 billion in 2000, and more than four times the $21 billion cost of traffic congestion in 1982.

So how does Atlanta stack up? We come in as lucky number 13. An average Atlanta commuter wastes 43 hours each year (an entire work week), and spends $924, simply idling in congested traffic.
















For original article from CBS News click here.

Want to know how much your personal commute is costing you? Check out this handy online calculator: http://www.commuteinfo.org/comm_calc.shtml

More importantly, what can we do here in Atlanta to help address the high costs of commuting?  Making MARTA more accessible and encouraging neighborhoods to invest in the pedestrian experience are great places to start. This is why Buckhead CID is spearheading projects like the GA 400/MARTA Pedestrian Bridge and the Peachtree Transformation.  It is why Buckhead CID supports BATMA, which helps employers and employees in Buckhead examine and choose transportation options.

Share your own commute costs, or your ideas for improving traffic congestions in Atlanta. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this issue.

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