The Buckhead Shell Gas Station:From gas station to modern and eco-friendly convenience store

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On January 13, the Buckhead Shell gas station, located at the triangular junction of Roswell Road and Powers Ferry Road, shut down to begin remodeling to urbanize this historic and well-known establishment.

The gas station, owned and operated by Smita and Mahesh Patel, will be transformed from a congested building into an eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind convenience store. It will feature an energy efficient “Big Ass” fan, a Beer Cave and full-service carry-out only Dunkin Donuts and Subway.

Buckhead Shell Rennovations

Buckhead Shell Auto-Lift

Since parking is limited, there will be an underground parking garage with four spots and Georgia’s first “Auto-Lift,” an elevator uniquely designed to get cars in and out of the garage without drivers having to use a ramp. This design is unique and is the first to be placed in any building in Georgia.

The station will go green by only using LED lights and 50 plus solar panels on the building and canopy that will be tied into the power grid with an inverter. The building will feature a natural gas powered back-up generator to ensure the lights never go out, no matter what. Rain water will be collected in two underground vaults to be recycled, and there will be a state-of-the-art underground storm water system that will eliminate and/or tremendously reduce the water run-off into the Atlanta storm water system.

For electric car drivers, Georgia Power plans to install an Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charger with two parking spaces the community can use free of charge.

Smita and Mahesh tell me that their focus is to truly serve the community with all forms of alternative energy, while people enjoy a unique shopping experience with great convenience.

Buckhead Shell Rendering - DayUltimately, the station’s redevelopment will transform it into a stunning landmark and business model that will serve as an example to other gas station owners who may otherwise accept the status quo without question.

Buckhead Shell hopes to do business differently and incorporate the best practices that would benefit customers, staff and the community. The station plans to re-open in fall 2017.

The City of Atlanta and its staff have been helpful and supportive, as were the two area Neighborhood Planning Units.

Before Smita and Mahesh could remodel the station, they first had to find an architect that could help them create a design that was modern and worthy of Buckhead.
The challenges in design were numerous, starting with a triangular-shaped 1.5-acre lot, which limits parking and affects the size of the building. They consulted several architects, but international architect, Inato Sema, who designs buildings in tight spaces that are both functional and efficient, produced a unique rendering that won the day. The interior layout was designed by Paragon Solutions from Dallas, Texas. However, the challenge of the final drawings and construction documents fell on the shoulders of architects Randy Pimsler and James Cain from Atlanta who made everything fit and efficient. A lot of “out of the box” thinking created some brilliant ideas, which were truly a local and international effort.  

The Buckhead Shell was first purchased by the Patels in 1998, which was originally known as the old Phillips 66 gas station. A few years later they built out on both sides of the original kiosk to sell grocery products and changed the brand to Shell.

Buckhead Shell Rendering - Night


In 2012, they decided to increase the size of the building again. The initial idea was to delete the car wash and enclose that space into a retail area, but that would mean the building would still be an outdated and inefficient building. After years of planning and reviewing designs, the remodeling is finally underway.

The Buckhead Community Improvement District is thrilled about this redevelopment project happening in the community. If you or your company are planning to redevelop a building or piece of land in Buckhead, please let us know so we can share your story on our blog and social media!

Photos Courtesy of Vinny Bose

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