Buckhead Charts a Course Toward Unity

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This is a Saporta Report Thought Leadership piece by Jim Durrett, Buckhead CID Executive Director and Buckhead Coalition President, and Joe Evans, Buckhead Coalition Chairman

The irreplaceable Sam Massell announced in January his retirement from the presidency of the Buckhead Coalition, an organization that he co-founded and subsequently led for over three decades.  He had the wisdom and forethought in the fall of 2019 to appoint a Succession Committee, chaired by Dave Stockert, that would be tasked with planning the future of the Coalition in a post-Sam environment.

When the committee first set about its work in February, COVID was just beginning to be discussed as a health problem in China, stock markets were at all-time highs, and March Madness was just around the corner. As the group proceeded with its work, COVID evolved into a worldwide pandemic and the economy ground to a halt.  Stress from the pandemic-triggered unemployment, business losses, school closings, event cancellations, and disruptions to daily life was then ratcheted even higher by tragic killings and social unrest as we haven’t seen since the late 1960s.

It was in this environment that the Succession Committee of the Buckhead Coalition decided to take a fresh look at why the organization exists and what its role in the community of Buckhead and the greater community of Atlanta should be going forward. That has led us to forge a closer relationship with the Buckhead CID, Livable Buckhead, and the Buckhead Business Association as a first step in bringing the broader Buckhead community more closely together and to speak with a more coordinated voice.

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