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This is a Saporta Report Thought Leadership piece by Jim Durrett, Buckhead CID Executive Director

This view is not from Peachtree. As I write this from our cozy yurt in Teton Valley, Idaho, my view is of the sun rising over the Teton mountain range and beginning to warm our little slice of paradise, joining the fire in our wood stove as it has been taking the edge off of the cold for the last hour. We found this place years ago because I did a very good job of picking my grandparents. Their daughter, my mother, brought me out to Jackson Hole during my first year of life, and somewhere I have a photo of my diapers drying on the sagebrush in front of the cabin my grandparents built in the 1950s on the Wyoming side of the Tetons.

I have been corresponding this past week with a friend in Portland, Oregon who has not had the same relationship with fire as I have lately. He and his wife have been breathing some of the worst air on the planet, and his county has begun distributing N95 facemasks to help its citizens breathe more safely. As he shared with me in an email a few days ago, “The extent of the fires out here in the Northwest and California is mind-boggling.”

When we began our cross-country drive from Atlanta to Teton Valley two weeks ago, we planned our departure so as not to encounter the worst of the rain and wind from Hurricane Laura as it tracked across our planned route. As I write this, the Atlantic hurricane season statistically peaked two days ago and there are seven systems being watched, one or more of which may bring additional devastation to communities in and near the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

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