Atlanta’s Park Over GA400 Receives $600K Funding Grant From SRTA

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AtlantaJune 20, 2018 – The Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID) announced today that the Park over GA400 received a $600K funding grant from Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank, a grant program administered by the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA). The funding will go towards topographic and utility survey work that could begin as early as September, the results of which will be required for the park project engineering to move forward.

“SRTA is proud to partner with BCID to accelerate the delivery of this highly innovative project,” said Chris Tomlinson, Executive Director – SRTA. “The Park over GA400 project is a first-of-its-kind project that will improve mobility and contribute to Buckhead’s already impressive economic development successes.”

BCID applied for the grant during the first quarter of the year, and the announcement was made yesterday during the SRTA board meeting. The grants make additional funding resources available to government entities, particularly at the local level, to accelerate transportation project delivery. BCID is also currently working with MARTA to identify specific engineering and design tasks related to improvements that can be made to the transit station that would also benefit the park project.

In addition to the GTIB grant, the Park received an inquiry from a potential donor interested in pledging $1 million, with a commitment to pursue additional pledges. In addition, the Park’s concept and design have been lauded around the globe with more than six awards. To see a complete list, click here.

“The Park’s board of directors and steering committee have been working hard to educate potential contributors on the positive impact the Park over GA400 will have on the area, to ultimately raise the funds needed for development,” said Jim Durrett, executive director – BCID. “We are honored to be awarded the GTIB grant, in addition to receiving inquiries from potential financial supporters, all of which give me added encouragement that the Park and its development are well supported,” he added.

The Park over GA400’s board and steering committee are using the positive findings of Coxe Curry & Associates’ feasibility study to design a fundraising campaign that will successfully raise the needed funds from a combination of public and private resources.

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The objective of the Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID), working with the City of Atlanta and its community partners, is to meet the challenges resulting from Buckhead’s rapid, primarily automobile-based growth, including improving safety, traffic mobility, enhancing the pedestrian environment, creating better access to public transit, initiating intra-district transportation alternatives, encouraging better integration of land uses and improving linkages to the region’s automobile, transit and bicycle networks.



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