Why Atlanta Needs Another Park – How HUB404 Will Answer the Question

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This is a Saporta Report Thought Leadership piece by Jim Durrett, executive director – Buckhead CID

James Ryan, the President of the University of Virginia, my alma mater, included the following paragraph in his letter in the most recent UVA alumni magazine:

“Our world is also facing enormous challenges. Democracy faces pressure both at home and abroad. Political polarization is rampant. Climate change presents a genuine existential threat. Income inequality is staggeringly high. Rates of anxiety and depression are at record-high levels. Trust in established institutions continues to dwindle. Data and technology remain a blessing and a curse, at once connecting and separating us.”

Pondering these and other challenges for a while now, I have become fervent in our vision for creating a world-class, green, gathering place in the heart of Buckhead. A place to take cover among the trees and recover from the laborious work in filing cabinets called office buildings. We call it HUB404 because like a wheel, it can become the focal point for meaningful dialogue, discourse and decompression.

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