Further Analysis on Peachtree Road Corridor

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For years the Buckhead CID, in partnership with Georgia DOT, the City of Atlanta and other organizations, has worked to improve Peachtree Road access and mobility. The goals of the project are to best use the existing capacity to accommodate traffic in a cost-effective way, improve safety on the corridor and to provide a safer environment for those pedestrians and cyclists who want to walk and cycle rather than drive a car.

After hearing from members of our community, we want you to know we are listening. We recently announced that we will continue to gather additional information that will help us develop a plan for Peachtree Road that will best suit everyone’s needs. We had hoped to hold our next public open house in July to share the latest proposed plans for the corridor. However, both Georgia DOT and the Buckhead CID have decided to take additional time to respond to concerns expressed by residents living in neighborhoods adjacent to Peachtree Road.

Our first priority is to optimize the capacity of Peachtree for safer and more reliable movement of automobiles. However, if we can accomplish this goal and still make Peachtree Road a better place to navigate on foot or by bicycle, we absolutely should try to do both.

The Buckhead CID and GDOT will continue to be transparent on all study findings and design recommendations, and will continue to provide updates on the project. Once the analysis is complete, another public meeting date will be announced to give residents and business leaders an opportunity to review the data and proposed plans, as well as to provide more feedback.

And we really do want your feedback. What are your thoughts, suggestions and concerns? Share with us! Click here to give online feedback, or you can tweet us at www.twitter.com/buckheadcid.

See our full press release here.

– Jim Durrett

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