What is a community improvement district (CID)?
CIDs are not non-profit organizations, but are best defined as “local government entities”.  Authorized by Article IX, Section VII of the Georgia Constitution, a CID is a mechanism for funding certain governmental services including street and road construction and maintenance, parks and recreation, storm water and sewage systems, water systems, public transportation systems, and other services and facilities. The administrative body of the CID may levy taxes, fees and assessments within the CID, not to exceed 2.5 percent of the assessed value of the real property. Such taxes, fees and assessments may only be levied on real property that is used for non-residential purposes and revenues may be used only to provide governmental services and facilities within the CID. Bonded debt is permitted, but such debt may not be considered an obligation of the state or any other unit of government other than the CID.  In 2010, the Council for Quality Growth created this video to explain CIDs.

What is the Buckhead CID tax millage and how much has been raised and spent?
Non-residential property owners within the CID pay an additional 3 mils (3 dollars for every $1,000 in assessed property value) of property taxes to fund the CID’s operations. A total of approximately $61.5 million in taxes has been spent or obligated since the inception of the CID in late 1999 through 2014.  Through 2014 we have attracted an additional investment of approximately $102 million from other sources which has helped our tax dollars to go further. Almost 97% of funds raised have gone directly to our projects, plans and programs, with only 3% going toward administrative expenses, which includes management of our projects and programs.

With such a small staff, how does the CID get its work done?
We do our work through partnership and collaboration with various organizations and institutions, as well as by contracting out considerable planning, design, construction and maintenance work. (We are also pretty darned good at what we do.) The Buckhead Community Improvement District seeks to provide opportunities for disadvantaged and/or minority owned businesses in its contracts and has a goal of 15% participation by such qualified organizations.

How big is the CID?
Roughly 1,594 acres, or about 2.5 square miles.

What opportunities exist for the public to review and comment on Buckhead CID activities?
All monthly meetings of the Buckhead CID board of directors are open to the public. Dates, times and the location of these meetings can be found on the “Events” link on this website. The CID also has a strong history of reaching out to diverse stakeholders, including property owners, business owners, civic organizations and residents, for input into our plans, projects and programs.