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Peachtree Transformation

The Peachtree Transformation is taking a pedestrian-unfriendly suburban arterial and creating a sophisticated, attractive complete street by adding granite curbing and medians, hardwood trees, seasonal color landscaping, bike lanes, wide sidewalks, modern lighting, buried utility lines, street furniture, and dedicated left turn lanes at signaled intersections. The first phase of the project was completed in 2007 and runs from GA 400 to one block south of Piedmont Road at Maple Drive. The second phase was completed in 2012 and runs from Maple Drive to the Buckhead CID border at Roxboro Road. 

Phases three and four of the Peachtree Transformation are currently in the design phase. A traffic analysis is being performed to guide development of design and model conditions both with and without potential future roadway modifications. Phase three begins at Maple Drive and extends to West Shadowlawn Avenue.  This portion of the project is partially funded with an ARC grant and will undergo a lengthier review process due to federal guidelines.  Phase four begins at West Shadowlawn Avenue and ends at Sheridan Drive. This phase is expected to be completely funded by private sources, allowing construction to commence earlier than Phase three.

Construction is expected to begin on Phase four in 2014 and Phase three in 2015. Phases three and four of the Peachtree Transformation are part of a larger system enhancement called “operation improvements” of Peachtree Road extending south to Spring Street in Midtown.

The primary goal of the project is to reduce crashes by modifying the existing roadway cross-section to include designated left-turn lanes.  The project will also serve as a primary bike route connecting Midtown to Buckhead.The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is leading the other phases of the project in coordination with the City of Atlanta and Midtown Alliance. A working group called The Peachtree Task Force has been formed to coordinate public involvement and design for the entire corridor.

Click here to view the location of the Buckhead CID’s Peachtree Road project, as well as the phases led by GDOT.  More information on the other phases of the Peachtree Transformation will be available shortly.

Peachtree Road Open House
The Buckhead CID hosted its second open house on April 3rd at the Peachtree Road United Methodist Church (PRUMC).  Professionals were on hand to share concept drawings, discuss the project and answer questions.

The next public meeting will be scheduled later in the year, after GDOT analysis has been received and incorporated with our findings in order to be presented to the public.


Current Combined Peachtree Road Layout for Phases 3 & 4

Concept Display

Previous Concepts from the February 19th Open House

Combined Peachtree Phase 3 & 4

Concept Display


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