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Park over GA 400

Current status: The second part of the Concept Study was approved on October 5th, 2016, and should be complete by February 2017.

Park over GA 400

Imagine a day when Buckhead will be recognized for world-class open spaces connecting great architecture and art. Imagine a day when the people of Buckhead gather in one of the Great Urban Places of America, one recognized as a ‘must-see’ attraction in Atlanta and the center of community in Buckhead.

Great urban places are key community identifiers. Central Park, Millennium Park, Union Square, and so many others are recognized the world over for the very character they bring to those communities. These great places become the identity of the community so often photographed during events and activities and times of calm and beauty.

The purpose of this study for a signature park over GA 400 is to examine the viability of creating a significant park over GA 400 and MARTA’s Buckhead Station between the Atlanta Financial Center and Lenox Road/Buckhead Loop. This study has its genesis in the Buckhead CID’s interest in improvement and creation of parks and open space in the Buckhead area. As part of its purpose of improving livability and economic viability, the Buckhead CID has endeavored to develop and implement projects including Charlie Loudermilk Park and the PATH400 Greenway Trail. A signature park over GA 400 is the opportunity for a great urban park where sufficient open space is simply not otherwise available.

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Park over 400