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BUCKHEAD REdeFINED Continues Outreach

I would like to thank the more than 100 Buckhead community members for attending and giving their feedback at the last BUCKHEAD REdeFINED meeting on February 27.

We are close to selecting a final set of BUCKHEAD REdeFINED projects for either further analysis or pursuit, but want more community feedback.

The goal of the February 27 meeting was for the BUCKHEAD REdeFINED team to present the three main areas where the public and stakeholders want to see the community improve, which were identified after the January 19 public workshop. These areas include:

Vitality: Activating public spaces to create a more vibrant and stimulating place

Mobility: Improving multi-modal access in, around and throughout Buckhead

Livability: Providing programmatic and policy changes that create a safer, more comfortable and inclusive district

Proposed Projects to address those areas:  

Presenters included Eric Bosman of Kimley-Horn, Bill Tunnell, founding principal for TSW, Rob Rogers, Rogers Partners architecture and urban design firm, and Woody Giles, community planner with TSW, who all focused on proposed projects, including the following:


The discussion about vitality included the idea of creating greener and more open places including parks, retail spaces and other developments. The presenters also mentioned the installation of permanent, temporary, performance or interactive artwork to enhance and beautify areas. More detailed examples include:

  • Expanding Charlie Loudermilk Park into the nearby Bank of America building area
  • Placing a park and office buildings in front of Lenox Mall’s parking lot that fronts Peachtree Road
  • Pursuing the proposed park on top of GA 400 between Lenox Road and Peachtree Road


Buckhead REdeFINED planners want to create ways to make commutes to and from work, Buckhead shops and restaurants easier by creating the following:

  • Buckhead Loop Trail, a multi-use path that would provide much needed east-west connectivity to PATH400 and throughout the district
  • Piedmont Corridor Improvements to increase walkability, add median turn lanes and beautify the streetscape, making south Piedmont more of an attractive gateway into Buckhead from the south
  • A dedicated bicycle lane from the intersection of PATH400 and Old Ivy Rd. to Lenox Square


A combination of mobility and vitality improvements in Buckhead will improve the overall community’s livability and make Buckhead a more accessible and livable urban environment.

Connecting Buckhead:

Another way to improve Buckhead’s vitality, mobility and livability is to create interchanges, roads and sidewalks that connect Buckhead for faster and easier transportation.

Below are some potential projects:

  • An enhanced interchange for all users of the road at Lenox Rd. and GA 400
  • New GA 400 interchange behind Lenox Square at East Paces Ferry Road
  • Improvements to the Phipps/Monarch ramp and Peachtree Road/Lenox Road intersection

In order to make these projects happen, we must keep the conversation going! If you would like to learn more about BUCKHEAD REdeFINED and its projects and plans please visit You can also see a video recap of the meeting by visiting BCID’S Facebook page.

If you have feedback, contact us by social media and visit our site for information on the next meeting.

Thanks again for attending and we look forward to your continued engagement!