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Shade structure coming to Buckhead’s Loudermilk Park

Construction returns to Charlie Loudermilk Park as the Buckhead Community Improvement District adds a shade structure over the seating area.

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Buckhead Traffic Is Bad And Getting Worse. Can Anything Fix It?

Horns blaring. Stop and go crawling through the next light. Commutes that take more than an hour, even for drivers going only five miles.

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Walking tour participants get inside look at Buckhead CID projects

The Buckhead Community Improvement District hosted a walking tour Oct. 17 and showed participants an aerial view of the proposed park over Ga. 400 site and an overview of several major CID projects.

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“Tomorrow’s Buckhead: A Walking Tour” Walktober 17, 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Put on your best walking shoes and get ready to learn about all the improvement projects happening in Buckhead! Join Buckhead Community Improvement District executive director, Jim Durrett, and his team on a VIP tour through Buckhead from 10:30 a.m. – noon on October 17.

This exclusive guided tour, which is taking place as part of Walktober, will highlight locations of transformation projects, including Peachtree Road transformation, Lenox Road scoping study, the Park over GA400 and more!

The tour will wrap up in the newly renovated Charlie Loudermilk Park where you’ll get to the see a one-of-a-kind John Portman sculpture and new shade sails recently installed. You’ll also receive one free MARTA Breeze card to get home or to use another time.

Register here! Space is limited and the Buckhead CID is only accepting 25 people for the one and a half hour tour.


Tuesday, October 17
10:30 a.m. – noon

Meet at 3340 Peachtree Road, NE 100 Tower Place outside of the main lobby entrance. We will begin the walk promptly at 10:30 a.m.

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September 2017 – BUCKHEAD REdeFINED Update ׀ Park Over GA400 ׀ BCID Project Updates

Buckhead Community Improvement District
Buckhead REdeFINED Report

After several public meetings and workshops, BUCKHEAD REdeFINED took the community’s feedback on potential plans and projects and compiled it as an executive summary. The summary includes SIX BIG IDEAS, which are each reinforced by a series of implementable strategies, programs and actions.Here’s a summary of each idea!

  1. Develop a district-wide multi-use trail to connect and celebrate the area history and culture.
  2. Activate and enliven a continuous network of streets and destinations.
  3. Enhance mobility to and from GA400 and beyond.
  4. Foster a distinctive Buckhead identity along Lenox Road.
  5. Diversify housing opportunities.
  6. Define the civic heart of the community through parks and greenspace.

Moving Forward:

Over the next 10 to 15 years, the Buckhead CID, along with Livable Buckhead, Buckhead Coalition, Buckhead Business Association and the Buckhead Rotary, will work together to implement long- and short-term projects to enhance the area’s livability, mobility and vitality.

The Buckhead CID will be pursuing projects that are consistent with the Six Big Ideas found in the Buckhead REdeFINED master plan. In the short-term, the Buckhead CID will advance the Lenox Road Complete Street project, which will provide pedestrian and bicycle access from Piedmont Road to East Paces Ferry Road. The BCID will also launch the scoping study to assess the feasibility of a new GA400 interchange. Lastly, the BCID will study the Piedmont Road corridor, from Peachtree Road to the Buford Connector, to determine solutions that will create a safer, more walkable environment.

To read the full summary, click here.

Park Over GA400

The park over GA400 is coming along. On July 26, the Buckhead CID, in conjunction with ROGERS PARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers, released an updated timeline, added project renderings and a new 360-degree immersive video rendering rendering of Buckhead’s world class linear public park that will be created out of thin air over a half-mile section of Georgia 400 Highway (GA400).

Now, the Buckhead CID will take the next four months – through December 2017 – to work with project partners to develop a detailed plan to name the park, create a nonprofit organization to manage construction and operations, and prepare for the design, engineering and permitting phase, planned to begin in January 2018. “Ground-making” for the project is planned for 2020 and the park is projected to open by 2022, and be fully operational by 2023, significantly reducing previous timelines by 12 to 24 months.

The project also earned a merit award for the 2017 AIANY Design Awards.

District Project Watch List

Lenox Road Scoping Study Meeting

On September 6, the Buckhead CID held a public information open house for community members to review the plans of the Lenox Road scoping study and ask questions.

This project received funding from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to assist the Buckhead CID in determining the feasibility of pedestrian, bicycle and roadway improvements on Lenox Road starting at the Lenox MARTA Station and heading to Piedmont Road. The intent is to explore how best to improve the function and appearance of Lenox Road for all current and future users of this corridor. Work began in October 2016 and will be completed by the end of 2017.

Phipps at Wieuca Road Boulevard

The Buckhead CID is working with the City of Atlanta and stakeholders to finalize a conceptual design for the Phipps at Wieuca Road Boulevard roundabout. This design will best satisfy the project goals of creating a safer intersection that is accessible to pedestrians and cyclists.

The Buckhead CID recently held two public information meetings regarding the project. On June 7, the CID and the Renew Atlanta Bond team gave a presentation about the project’s goals and plans during a public information meeting.

Click here to view the presentation.

Charlie Loudermilk Shade Structure

Charlie Loudermilk’s newest addition will be a shade sail system, which resembles a ship’s sail, to shade the pavilion area of the park. The City of Atlanta has approved the design of the shade system and the Buckhead CID expects construction to begin by the end of September.

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PARK (ing) Day
September 15
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Lenox Square – Front 3393 Peachtree Rd.

Blog Posts

Atlanta’s Signal Timing Improvements

Redefining and Refining Buckhead
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Reminder: Lenox Road Scoping Study – Public Information Open House

Buckhead Community Improvement District
Meeting Reminder

Lenox Road Scoping Study – Public Information Open House

Buckhead community members are invited to attend a public information open house about the Lenox Road Scoping Study project:

Wednesday, September 6
6 – 8 p.m.
Buckhead Library,
269 Buckhead Ave NE,
Atlanta, GA 30305.

This will be a public information meeting where community members can attend and ask questions about the project, which is aimed to determine the feasibility of various pedestrian, bicycle and roadway improvements to the Lenox Road corridor from the Lenox MARTA station toward Piedmont Road. The study began in 2016 and was conducted in partnership with the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC.)Click here for more information on ARC.

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Community Events

September 15 
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Livable Buckhead’s
PARK(ing) Day

Buckhead News
Jim Durret shares the vision for Park Over GA400

Experience 360° view of Park Over GA400

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Atlanta’s Signal Timing Improvements

Faye D


This is a guest post from Faye DiMassimo, General Manager – Renew Atlanta

Have you ever sat in traffic wondering if the traffic lights were on a timer of some sort?  Well you might not know that The City of Atlanta has more than 900 traffic signals, but not all of them have been coordinated.  However, through collaboration and partnership with Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), by late summer 2017, all of these traffic signals will be coordinated at the system level.

Once complete, Atlanta drivers will notice a reduction in their travel times. In fact, they will spend less time stopped and queued in traffic at signalized locations because once they get a green light indication, they will progress through multiple intersections throughout a coordinated corridor. Remember those rare days when you felt like you had light karma? Now everyone will feel that way on a regular basis.

In addition to the coordinated light signals, there are many other traffic signal upgrade projects still planned and underway through collaboration with GDOT, the Renew Atlanta Bond and TSPLOST programs, which will provide advanced pedestrian, bicyclist and vehicle detection throughout the City. These projects will further enhance the capabilities of the traffic signal systems and provide optimal coordination for Atlanta drivers.

Want to really nerd out on traffic signals?  You might be interested to learn that advanced traffic signal firmware and central system software were installed spring 2017 through GDOT’s statewide license to provide improved traffic management to all City signals.  In fact, Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) will be used to continuously check the performance of signals and coordinated systems on an ongoing basis, and ATSPM will provide level of service checks on how well the systems are doing. Over time, historical data will be used to better plan for special events throughout the City and provide the most optimal driving experience for Atlanta drivers.

As part of the City’s Smart City efforts, September 14th marks the ribbon cutting of the City’s first Smart Corridor located on North Avenue from Georgia Tech to the Ponce City Market.  This will include the modern adaptive signals with artificial intelligence, called Surtrac that is uniquely designed for complex traffic situations, traffic and bike-ped detection, transit signal prioritization, sensors and cameras, resurfacing and restriping. The City will continue to expand these Smart Corridor efforts with the next areas including Campbellton Road, the Buckhead Loop and downtown, which will be a tremendous benefit for large scale events.

Click to learn more about Renew Atlanta or the Smart Corridor along North Avenue.

Buckhead CID Proposed Millage

BCID Millage Notice - 2017

Redefining and Refining Buckhead


This is a guest post from Eric Bosman, AICP Associate and Buckhead REdeFINED Project Manager – Kimley-Horn


Cities are like living organisms–constantly changing, simultaneously growing and decaying and ever-evolving. Buckhead’s evolution experienced a significant shift in 2001 with the creation of The Buckhead Action Plan. Sponsored by the Buckhead CID and the Atlanta Regional Commission, the community planning effort called upon commercial and residential stakeholders to identify common goals and prepare a collective plan for the district.

The action plan helped lay the groundwork for the reshaping of the Peachtree Road corridor, establishment of the BUC circulator shuttle, two new regulatory zoning codes (Buckhead Village and Buckhead Core), redevelopment of the Buckhead Village and investments in parks, sidewalks, roadways and trails.

This year, Buckhead’s next generation of leaders assembled to build on 15 years of success and create a new plan to further enhance Buckhead’s vitality, mobility and livability. Titled Buckhead REdeFINED, the updated plan is shaped by a sharpened understanding of who lives and works in the District. Since 2001, more than 8,300 multifamily residences were added within the Buckhead CID and job growth experienced an even more robust surge with more than 10,000 jobs added since 2012. In addition to employment growth outpacing housing, 98 percent of Buckhead-area workers live outside the district and commute into Buckhead daily.

With the district’s limited road network and single point of access to GA 400 and Atlanta’s highway system, there is little wonder why traffic at peak hours is insufferable. And while area organizations and city and regional leaders can continue to adjust and modify existing roads and intersections, there is little likelihood of new roadways due to the potential impact to single-family neighborhoods.

Buckhead REdeFINED outlines a strategic and comprehensive approach to manage and support the district’s continued growth and evolution into a dynamic, accessible and livable urban environment. The plan’s recommendations are rooted in three guiding strategies:

  • VITALITY strategies focus on increasing green space and public space, activating Buckhead’s pedestrian corridors to make the district more lively and walkable, and implementing a public art program that builds upon Buckhead’s history and enhances the district’s sense of place.
  • MOBILITY strategies seek to address key roadway corridors and intersections, expand the district’s bicycle-pedestrian network—particularly east-west connections to PATH400, enhance connectivity and access to area transit stations and services, and create a program to match Buckhead employees and Buckhead residences to reduce the percentage of workers commuting into and out of the district by automobile.
  • LIVABILITY strategies address and incorporate practices to improve the district’s affordability, public safety and sustainability.

The potential to refine Buckhead into a more complete, livable urban environment is captured in the plan’s Six Big Ideas:

  • Develop a district-wide multiuse trail to connect and celebrate the area’s history and culture
  • Activate and enliven a continuous network of streets and destinations
  • Enhance mobility to and from GA 400 and beyond
  • Foster a distinctive Buckhead identity along Lenox Road
  • Diversify housing opportunities within the district
  • Define the civic heart of the community through enhanced parks and greenspace

As our city continues to grow and evolve, we have the ability and a responsibility to balance the needs and impacts of our complex transportation, economic, development and community-building systems.  While it has not been easy, area leaders have done just that by redefining the path to a more prosperous, livable Buckhead.

Public Meeting Notice – Sept. 6 – Lenox Road Scoping Study

Buckhead Community Improvement District
Meeting Reminder

Lenox Road Scoping Study – Public Meeting

Buckhead community members are invited to attend a public information meeting about the Lenox Road Scoping Study project on Wednesday, September 6 from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Buckhead Library, 269 Buckhead Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30305. At this gathering, there will be a brief presentation and a Q&A session.

The study, which began in October 2016, aimed to determine the feasibility of various pedestrian, bicycle and roadway improvements to the Lenox Road corridor from the Lenox MARTA station toward Piedmont Road. It was conducted in partnership with the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC.)

Click here for more information on ARC.

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Community Events
September 16
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Livable Buckhead’s
PARK(ing) Day

Buckhead News

Take a look at new concepts for Buckhead Park over Ga400

Buckhead CID moving forward with Park over Ga400


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